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When to Join a New Social Network

Too many People - The Anti-Social MediaPeople are making more social networks and normal people don’t  know what to do with them. I should know, because these networks send me every awful press release they write.

FaceSpace just passed 200 users! We’re going to beat Facebook in the next millennium!

Yeah. Right.

So with so many crazy social networks popping out of every God-forsaken corner of the internet, how do you know when it’s time to join one of these new fangled social networks?

You know a social network is worth its meddle when the network can be described in a  clear and concise way. If it takes paragraph, or two, OR FIVE, then you know there’s a problem.

It’s even worse if it’s described as, “It’s like that other crappy social network, but it has a feature that appeals to Linux users.”

Kill me now.

You should join it if you actually know living, breathing people on there. Social networks with only a handful strangers are sad, lonely places. And knowing people means you might actually come back and find something you like.

What does it take for you to join a new social network? Well, you know, besides a hundred dollars.


Four Reasons to Avoid Social Networking

Leave Me Alone - The Anti-Social MediaSometimes, you just need to stay the hell away from social networks. You’ve got better things to do than spend your whole life looking at cat photos.

Well maybe I don’t, but you do.

Here are four excuses to stay as far away from social networks as possible.

  1. You have a life. So maybe everyone else is burning their life away having all the fun in the world on LinkedIn. That’s ok. You can actually apply for jobs, rather than pretend to apply for them.
  2. You have a job. We all need a paycheck to survive. It’s not that hard to give up Facebook for 8 hours a day, unless your job is to be on Facebook. Then you’re ruined.
  3. You have things to do. The only people who ever accomplish anything on social networks are the ones who are paid to accomplish things on social networks. And I don’t see you bringing home that big social media paycheck yet.
  4. You’ve got the rest of the internet. There really is an entire internet that has nothing to do with social networks. Most of it is porn, but apparently there’s some other good stuff in there too. Just watch out for the porn.

Don’t you feel better already, giving yourself excuses to stay the hell away from your friends, “friends,” family, and everyone who desperately wants the weakest of connections with you? I know I do! What are your reasons for avoiding social networks?